Recruitment isn’t a walk in the park. It requires thorough planning and strategizing of the entire process. When faced with this task, there are two paths to follow, conduct an in-house hr hiring or work with professional recruiters. Miami is a fairly large place with numerous employees waiting to meet their dream employers. The gap between keep widening hence the need for an authentic approach in the entire process. Below is a full recruitment life cycle that you can adapt. You can change a few things to suit your companies needs.

Analyze The Requirements.

The department undertaking the hiring within an organization is normally the Human resources. The first step take is talking with department heads within the primary area that needs employees. It could be accounting, marketing, or finance. It would be best if you had a sound understanding of the dynamics. Have the relevant people define the job positions in-depth. Otherwise, you are likely to attract unqualified people for the vacancies. The meeting should end with a list of all the requirements, skills, experience, education level, professional experience, compensation, job group, and employment terms. It’s a clear guideline hence making the process easy to tackle. This process expedites the job description process.


With the data from the first step, create a compelling job advert and get ready to let it fly. However, before going public, you must first ascertain the platforms that will work for your case. It’s imperative to work with areas accessible to the public, specifically the target niche. Advertisements that haven’t been thoroughly executed end up attracting huge numbers of qualified people. Others never attract anyone. The first step you can take in getting the right people is searching on the internet. At times, you don’t necessarily have to wait for them to find when you can locate them. There are numerous talented people on the internet with sufficient skills for your firm. Once this is over, progress to the next big site, social media. Pages like LinkedIn and Facebook can hugely help by providing a bridge between you and ideal job seekers. You can seek help from job boards and get referrals as well. The last and most important is re-evaluating the current positions. There’s a high chance of getting one or two people fit for the current positions. Through the above approaches, you have an assurance of getting the right candidates.

Select And Interview.

The next step after sourcing is selection. You might have numbers, but all of them might not meet the set qualifications. The only way to establish this is through assessing the CVS. To make the work simple, check their documents and draft a shortlist. You can have a few extra people since some might bail out at this juncture. Formally communicate to them through their email addresses, inviting them for the interview. State the date, time, and location. An interviewing panel should have three relevant people. It will help to get a better insight into the process. Have a questionnaire, and if it goes well, you will have a list of motivating people to fill the vacancies.


The following step is hiring. It is a win-win situation for both parties. The HR will draft contracts comprising of salary, type of employment, post, and job location. Communication is still vital since the new people wil sign the document after reading and understanding all the details.

The last and final part is onboarding. It might seem insignificant, but it determines if the new people will want to keep going or back out. Create time for orientation and introduction to the department heads and other people like the CEO.

Olivier Isaac Safir

As Senior Partner of one of the world’s top Life Sciences headhunting firms, Olivier Isaac SAFIR's Blue Ocean Recruiting specializes in placing top quality executive talent for companies who are searching for C-Suite talent in the Luxury industries.

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