Taxi wraps are reclaiming their spot in on-the-go advertising. Essentially a taxi wrap is a mobile billboard that creates eye-catching advertisements that can reach thousands of potential clients. Due to their shape, taxis make the perfect canvas for this highly effective form of mobile advertising.

Brief History

Back in 1991, a UK based company covered almost every inch of a taxi’s paint with wrap vinyl. This was in response to German law requiring all taxis there to be a particular shade of beige. The problem with the beige color is that it was ugly and no one wanted to buy an ugly car and the cost of repainting was too high. The used car dealers could not sell off ugly used cars at good prices. Wrapping a beautiful car in beige was much easier and cost effective.

Black cab taxi with advertising wrapToday, car wraps along with other vinyl vehicle wraps are taking the advertising world by storm. This brilliant form of advertising is converting regular taxis into mobile billboards able to reach hundreds if not thousands of potential clients in a single mile.

The Numbers Have Spoken, Taxi Wraps Get You Noticed

According to the Department of Transportation, an average driver drives 13,476 miles every year. For a taxi driver, this figure is notably much higher. Another Arbitron Nation In-car study revealed that people travel in a taxi at least once a month and that they do notice billboard advertising during their travels.

Researchers have also found out that an American spends on average at least 20 hours in a taxi every month covering an average of 200 miles during this period. Interestingly, the number of hours traveled seems to increase with income whereby the wealthy travel more miles than those with less money.

The research studies also revealed that 59 percent of travelers notice advertising on a taxi. Imagine getting over 50 percent of all the taxis in your area to notice your brand by simply using taxi wraps. Taxi wraps will reward your marketing efforts with thousands of impressions from prospective clients in and out of your immediate area.

Taxi wraps make an instant impression on your potential clients. According to the findings of the Arbitron survey, almost 25 percent of the respondents stated that an outdoor ad motivated them to visit the store on the very same day, while a further 33 percent stated that an outdoor ad prompted them to visit the advertiser’s location within a week. Outdoor ads like taxi wraps, helps to stimulate visits to your store.

How Are These Taxi Wraps Staging A Revolution?

Simple: Today’s wraps are not the traditional wraps that you know of. The biggest change is perhaps the design of the wrap, which has started to embrace the medium as opposed to dealing with it.

There are two ways to design a taxi wrap:

1. You can attempt to stare at the taxi and haphazardly determine the best placement of your slogan, company name, phone number, and log.

2. You can create eye-catching design that will make the taxi stand out and really highlight your brand.

Obviously, you would go for the second option since it is the one to offer better returns on investment than other types of advertising.

In conclusion, taxi wraps are an effective yet inexpensive way of making tens of thousands of impressions on qualified customers. Are you willing to waste your precious advertising dollars on less than stellar advertising methods? Obviously not. However, just as with all kinds of advertising, to make the most out of taxi wraps, you must get a design that will wow potential clients and that will get your brand message across in the most effective way.