When someone decides to build a lawn service company, they will usually start out accepting any customer that is remotely within their area. This can often mean that they have one job that’s in one location and then they end up going a considerable distance to the next customer and then doing the same again. Having one customer that is across one end of the area to another is sometimes a necessary fact when first starting. But as you begin to establish yourself you will need to plan and develop your route so that you can grow your lawn service company.

Begin by Determining the Shortest Distance Between Customers

Depending on how long you’ve been in business and how large you are, you may or may not have several crews working. If it’s a single crew and you have a certain number of customers and they are already scheduled, then it might not be possible to change that and so it will be necessary to make sure that you better develop your routing so that you are always traveling the fastest and shortest distance between those customers. This means you will have to take the time to plan those routes strategically so that you and your crew are spending the majority of your time doing the work and as little time as possible traveling between customers.

Turn Route Planning into A Science

When you begin having to travel all around the area every day, you quickly learn that it’s one of the least productive and most time-consuming parts of this kind of business. If you don’t have your route planned out, then you and your crew can take a lot of time out of your day looking for directions and planning it along the way. Fortunately, there is now a lot of technology that can be used to help with this.

The use of GPS along with alerts about weather and traffic accidents can help tremendously in avoiding delays. This is paramount when it comes to a lawn care service because the cost of traveling from one customer to the next can be minimized. When and where possible you will want to create a seamless route that takes you naturally from one to the next but when this is not possible then you will need to do the next best thing which is to at least minimize the distance and time to the extent that’s possible.

Making Use of Route Planning Software

Even if you are very familiar with the surrounding area and know every back road and alternate route this won’t always be true for some of your crew leaders that will be responsible for driving to the different customers. This means that as you grow, you need to have effective ways of helping the drivers take the best routes. Learning to incorporate some of the new technology that is available can help significantly.

Lawn service route management software can help your company to map out the best way to go from one customer to the next before you need to do so. This saves time and reduces mistakes that might otherwise be made by less knowledgeable staff. Using this type of technology will significantly improve the use of employees’ time by making sure that they are going the most direct route and are able to focus mostly on doing the lawn care business rather than driving.

Another way in which this technology will help is when service needs change. Sometimes customers have different needs, and this may mean suddenly changing when you’re going to do a particular customer. For many companies who don’t use routing technology, they will then have to just simply either take time out to route plan or wing it which could reduce productivity. But when a company uses technology this can all be taken care of in seconds.

Lawn care service is a competitive business. In order to grow and thrive it is necessary to maximize productivity. One of the ways to do that is through route planning. When crews are driving longer then they are putting more wear and tear on the vehicle, they are using more fuel for the vehicle, and they are not servicing the customer which is how the company earns a profit. This means that the more effective you can plan out your routes to maximize efficiency, you cut cost and improve profits.

Bill Westrom

Bill Westrom is the founder and CEO of Westrom Software, a privately owned software development company with more than 15 years of successful business application development experience. He employs a wide range of IT professionals, flexible policies, and efficiently managed work practices that distinguish the company from firms offering similar services. The Service Program was developed by Westrom software.

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