In the global marketplace for digital products, a wide means of creating those products has emerged as a new factor in the software industry. Where once programs ran on a few standardized coding methods intended for massive computers with no real connectivity, now there are a wide array of programming languages intended to create everything from triple-A video game releases to smart phone applications, as well as other more specialized programs such as for x-ray machines or oil field monitoring programs.

Java Coder Jobs in NewspaperWhether your business depends on creating programs as a primary product, or for use in a product you produce, you will depend on programmers to do the coding. And if you are not a programmer, hiring the best qualified candidate can be a difficult task. However, there are two things that can make this job easier for you.

The first thing that you will want to do when looking for a JavaScript programmer is test the programming skills of your interviewees. Hiring by resume is an option, but in the end, you’ll want to know if they can really code and to do that, you can simply have them take a JavaScript test online.

The second thing that will help you make the best hiring decision is to know at least a little bit about the world of coding, so you are conversant enough to interview your applicants. And so, to that end, we have dedicated the rest of this post.

Coding Languages

Three languages, in particular, have come to dominate the World Wide Web’s technologies that allow for the production of the content that modern society has come to rely on for news, research, shopping and money transfers. These three languages are Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Javascript. The vast majority of content on the internet is produced with these languages in mind to the point where all the major web browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, incorporate their use into their base code rather than being simple plugins. But what is Javascript and how is it different from other coding?

Javascript is a high level programming language, meaning it has strong abstraction from the mechanical details of the hardware it is commanding, using natural language rather than digital language and tends towards automation. It is a dynamic programming language, a type of high level programming language which performs a wide variety of programming behaviors at runtime, rather than when it is in the process of compilation. Indeed, Javascript tries to liberate itself from compiling itself as much as possible, as it is an interpreted language that follows the programmed instructions directly, without compiling the program into machine language. Finally, Javascript is an untyped programming language, meaning that any operation can be performed on any piece of data.

One thing that makes Javascript stand out from other programming languages is that it is based in prototypes, a type of programming called object oriented programming, where in repeating functions, variables or data structures are copied to serve as prototypes before being copied as far as the programmer will allow it to be copied. Javascript also uses first class functions, allowing the programmer to prioritize the order in which the programming carries out functions. This makes it classified as a multi-paradigm language, which supports functional programming styles and object oriented imperative styles of coding.

The programming language also includes application programming interface (API) that allows Javascript to be used by programmers. The API function is where the magic happens, and the coders write the code that makes the application work the way it does. Javascript’s API has functions for manipulating regular expressions (a sequence of characters intended to define search patterns that allow the program to find its own instructions), controlling text, programming in dates and working with arrays, which collect data input into the program, ranging from search terms to passwords.

However, Javascript does not include any input/output (I/O) functions, which allow for storing data, implanting graphics facilities or networking between different devices. Instead, these functions are handled by the environment in which the program is placed, known as the host environment. While this can be a limitation, this specialization does have certain benefits. Javascript has been standardized over the past twenty years by Ecma International, meaning that it is now an industry standard and a benchmark by which new programs are created and tested, as well as being one of the most important technologies in online communications.