In today’s world nothing should be taken for granted or at face value. With so many business and social associations made via the Internet, one never really knows who they are talking with. Employees are no longer the young person from down the street; employees today come from all over the world. No one and no business should take any past history for granted – security should be a main concern.

Background check report with a magnifying glassIt is now possible to have a criminal background check done on just about anyone or any business. Background checks come in many varieties including pre-employment, business dealings, social engagements, in-home care, and more. It is not that you are looking for problems, just that you want to know who you are associating with and what is their background. Some background checks are completed to prove identity of a person or business. This is not snooping, it can be viewed as a form of protection. Everyone wants to feel safe in their home, workplace, and relationships.

There is really no exact time frame recommended to be checked. This generally depends on the reason for the check. Someone going to work for the FBI would have an extensive background check done while the person at a fast food establishment would be less extensive. Typically for a general background check, the past ten years would be examined. This would include both credit and criminal history. Just remember, most juvenile records are sealed so you will only be able to go back to someone’s 18th birthday.

Before doing a background check, most states require the subject to give permission for the check. Even with this permission, there could be limitations. Check the state laws and regulations regarding background checks before any information is obtained. If not, you may not be able to use the information discovered.

There are also regulations regarding how the ascertained information can be used. In other words, are you checking credit, financial, or criminal information? Some information can only be used for very specific purposes.

Fields Which Frequently Require a Background Check

Many corporations do pre-employment background checks. It is important to know who is being hired, not only to managers but also to shareholders. Almost more important, co-workers want to know they will be as safe as possible in the work place. Background checks give human resources some assurance and confidence that they are hiring who they think they are hiring.

If someone is purchasing a business or a large majority in a business, a background check should be completed. The history of the business should be investigated and also the persons selling the business. You want to make sure you are purchasing what you think you are buying. If you are buying a share of the business, you want to know exactly who will be your partners.

Attorneys have used background checks to bolster their defenses. These checks could prove or disprove various testimony. It could be used for everything from divorce to criminal acts.

A popular and growing use of background checks is in social situations. Before hiring someone for child care, parents often will contact a firm or private detective that offers background investigation services. This would also go for any type of in-home care. You want to make sure the person coming into your home to care for a minor, elderly, or sick person is competent to do the work. Past criminal record is especially important here since the person will be in your home and essentially alone.

Many people are using background checks to look into the past of their partner. This is especially true before marriage. Today so many relationships begin via the Internet, you must be sure you know who the person is. There are so many stories about Internet relationships affecting financial situations as well as being abusive. What looks great and unbelievable on a screen, may just be so. Don’t be sucked in by the glitz and promises, make sure it is real.

Unfortunately background checks may not give you all the information you desire. But generally, you will get enough information to make an educated decision about a relationship, a business, or a caregiver.