Try to walk around downtown and observe your surroundings. Most if not all business establishments employ security guards and that’s because security guards keep the peace. They are trained and skilled to combat violence and any form of criminal activity. As a business owner, you should place safety and security at the top of your priority list.Let’s find out why your business can benefit from professional security guard services.

Do you need a security guard for your business?

All business owners desire to grow their business. If your business is growing you need to ramp up your security because as your business grows, your risk for theft grows as well. However, it is important to mention that your risk relies on several factors it could be your location, your industry, the type of products you offer, the amount of foot traffic you get etc. Based on these factors, you can already tell if you are vulnerable to criminal activity and if you are, you sure can benefit from hiring a professional security guard to maintain the safety of your business.

The following are some of the signs that you are in dire need of a security guard:

The Incidence of Crime Is High in Your Area

Where is your business establishment located? Does it belong in a neighborhood where crime rates are high? If yes then it is imperative that you hire a security guard. You see, if your location is prone to criminal activity this alone will discourage customers from going to your establishment and as a consequence, it will negatively impact your potential sales and revenue. If crime is common in your location or if your area has a bad rep for criminal activity then you need a security guard not just for the protection of your business but also for the protection of your staff and your customers.

Your Company Is Losing Money Due to Shrinkage or Theft

Shrinkage is defined as the loss of stock as a result of employee theft, vendor fraud, administrative error, cashier errors and shoplifting. If your business is suffering from shrinkage and theft then it is downright irresponsible not to hire a security guard. When a security guard is manning the area, theft and shrinkage will be greatly minimized. The visibility of security guards will discourage criminals from conducting their devious plans. In most cases, when a business puts security guards in their post’s criminals will leave that business alone and look for another establishment with less security. Security guards know how to handle theft because it’s part of their training. They know how to catch someone who is stealing your product and they know how to secure them until police officers arrive. Although you’re spending money paying for security guards, if you think about it, spending for security guards is a wise investment. Think of all the money you’ll save from losses and shrinkage. Aside from security your business, you are also security the safety of everyone working for you including your customers.

Increasing Foot Traffic in Your Property

As mentioned earlier, the more your business grows the more security you need. One good example of that is increasing foot traffic. If your establishment is attracting a lot of customers on a daily basis it can be hard to keep track of everyone that goes in and comes out of your property. The chaotic atmosphere is actually the favorite of thieves because they can steal and go unnoticed. When you have security, guards stationed and who are always on the lookout for thieves, losses will be minimized. Security guards can also check for suspicious individuals when they enter the premises and keep an eye on them.

Customers Don’t Feel Safe

Whether it’s obvious on their faces or they tell you straight out, when customers don’t feel safe or when they feel uneasy shopping in your establishment that is enough reason to hire security guards. Aside from providing excellent products and services to your customers you must also offer comfort and safety. You see, there are certain businesses that are more vulnerable to crime like malls and bars. If customers don’t feel safe, they will not stress themselves out and continue doing business with you. Adding security guards will help ease their distress and they will feel safe and protected. When they are happy shopping with you, they will likely come back and convert into regular customers.

You Are Worried About Your Liability Insurance

There are companies that are obliged to pay costly liability insurance premiums every month because of several factors including how much cash on hand you have, whether or not your establishment serves alcoholic beverages, the kind of products you sell, the geographical location of your business, etc. All these factors will impact how much money you’re spending on premiums. However, if you add a security guard in your establishment you can significantly lessen your insurance premiums and this will save you a lot of money in the long run. When you have a security, guard stationed in your property it will lessen violence, fire, and theft and it will help you save money on insurance bills.

You Need Help in Monitoring Building Activity

Business owners are busy people and they don’t have the luxury of time to check the condition of the building on a daily basis. However, if you have security guards in place, they’ll be the first to notice if your building has problems whether it’s a faulty lock or a defective cooling system. Having security guards to visually inspect your property regularly will help address problems before they get worse.

When You Serve Alcoholic Beverages

This is a no-brainer. If your establishment serves alcoholic beverages there is always that risk of wild and disruptive behavior from inebriated customers. Drinking too much alcohol can cause customers to become aggressive and violent so if you don’t have security guards around, who will control them? There is also that possibility that these intoxicated customers will pick fights whether it’s against their fellow customers or any one of your staff. If members of your staff are not trained to do self-defense they could get hurt. Violence can be difficult to control if you are not trained. With security guards around, these people will have second thoughts about starting a brawl and if alcohol does get the best of them, you can be confident that your security guards know how to handle these people and you know that the safety of everyone is their priority including the intoxicated person.

Other benefits of hiring security guards are the following:

Enhanced Customer Service

Besides protecting your property by checking who goes in and monitoring stock inventory, having security guards will also improve your customer service. Customers will feel extra special when security guards escort them to their car in the parking lot at night. Sometimes, when customers have questions and needs and the staff is busy, a security guard can help them like lead them to the direction of a certain department. Come to think of it, you can actually minimize your staff members by having a security guard in your establishment.

Security Issues Are Handled Efficiently

Another great thing about having security guards is that they follow protocol. Whenever they are faced with a crisis, they know exactly what to do and they perform it in an orderly fashion, effectively and efficiently.

Security guards underwent rigorous training and they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle all kinds of security issues. They know how to deal with problems better than anyone else in your staff. Unlike your staff where you need to guide and assist them, your security guards are there fully trained and fully ready for their responsibilities and tasks. You don’t have to tell them what to do next or where to go because they already know it.

Whether it’s forced invasion, theft, violence, you will have peace of mind knowing that they are in control of the situation. So, you can go back to growing your business and building your empire without worrying about the state and condition of your property because security guards have that covered.

They Respond to Crisis Fast

Think about it, if you don’t have a security guard in your property and all of a sudden, a customer goes violent and starts throwing tantrums, what do you do? Do you think one of your staff is brave enough to control that customer? Are all your staff members trained to do self-defense? We highly doubt that. When you have a security guard in place either the problem will be solved right then and there or they can securely hold criminals while they wait for the police. If you don’t have security guards, angry and violent customers could have done serious damage not just in your property but also to other customers and members of your staff and this can greatly affect the reputation of your business.

If you care about your business and if you care about the safety and security of your staff and your customers then you need to invest in professional security services.

Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson is a former law enforcement officer and is the owner of International Guard Services in Houston, TX. He has years of experience in security and investigations. International Guard Services 5201 Mitchelldale St #B4 Houston, TX 77092 (281) 822-6700

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