Chiropractic Adjustment: Everything You Need to Know

How can one benefit from Cedar Crest Chiropractic care? There are plenty of reasons why people seek chiropractic treatment. One of the major reasons that draw people to chiropractic clinics is back pain. Studies show that over 20 million Americans see a chiropractor every year, seven million of these are seeking back pain relief. Back pain can be caused by several factors including muscle strains, poor posture, accidents, and sports-related injuries. Besides back pain, people who suffer from chronic headaches, arms, legs, and neck pain find relief from this treatment.

Understanding Chiropractic Care

What Is Chiropractic Care?

The only person authorized to perform this treatment is a professional chiropractor. Chiropractors use their hands to perform spinal manipulation with the aim to align your body’s musculoskeletal structure specifically the spine. Chiropractors believe that if your spine is properly aligned your body will be able to naturally heal itself, this means you will recover from pain even without the help of medication or surgery.

In this treatment, your chiropractor will restore joint mobility that has been restricted because of a fall, sitting too long without sufficient back support or it could be because of repetitive stress.

Chiropractic treatment is mainly used to target pain stemming from tendons, ligaments, connective tissues, bones, muscles, and joints. Sometimes medical doctors partner with chiropractors for a more effective treatment. It’s not uncommon to use chiropractic treatment in conjunction with modern medical treatments.

This treatment believes in the connection between your nervous system and your spine and how musculoskeletal disorders can affect your overall health. Did you know that every living cell in your body is being controlled by your nervous system? Furthermore, all the nerves in your body exit from your spine. The anatomical structure of your spine explains why its physical manipulation through chiropractic care is effective in relieving pain.

Many people suffer from back pain but since they do not want to be dependent on pharmaceutical drugs they just learn how to live with the pain. Well, you don’t have to be dependent on drugs to improve your quality of life. All it takes is chiropractic treatment.

What Happens During a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Many are apprehensive to try chiropractic treatment because it’s unconventional and they don’t know what to expect. Here’s a lowdown of what you can expect during a chiropractic adjustment.

First, your chiropractor will ask you questions about your medical history and perform a thorough physical exam to better understand your body. There are certain cases where your chiropractor will request for diagnostic tests like x-rays, CT scan and MRI scans.

After getting your lab results and reviewing your data based on the interview and physical exam, your chiropractor will start making your treatment plan customized to address your needs. The treatment plan will be based on your test results, diagnostic results and exam findings.

When your plan is ready your chiropractor will start aligning your spine. Sometimes special instruments are used during the treatment. Your chiropractor will apply abrupt and controlled force on your joints. It’s normal to hear a cracking or popping sound. This is completely safe and should not be a cause for concern. Aside from chiropractic therapy, your chiropractor will also offer advice on weight management, diet, nutrition and your general health. Chiropractors also recommend massage, stretches, exercises, hot and cold therapy, electrical muscle stimulation using TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators.

How Long Does The Chiropractic Treatment Last?

Usually people experience a significant improvement in their pain level after a couple of visits to their chiropractor. However, recovery and pain relief are not the same for everyone. Some people require frequent visits to meet their goals.

Does The Treatment Cause Pain?

Patients who have tried chiropractic care have not complained of any discomfort during the sessions. However, they do say they feel a bit sore after the treatment but it doesn’t last long.


Chiropractic care has been around for a long time and offers numerous benefits apart from providing back pain relief. Did you know that neck pain is a common complaint of most office workers? Sitting in the office for more than 8 hours a day while using your computer, being on the phone or practicing poor posture will eventually lead to neck pain. A quick spine realignment through chiropractic care can ease neck muscle tension.

It also greatly reduces people’s dependence on opioid pain relievers. Why take pain medications when they can find relief the natural way? One of the major advantages of chiropractic care is that it doesn’t come with long term side effects unlike synthetic drugs.

Dr. Paul Braadt

Dr. Paul Braadt is a 3rd generation chiropractor and a graduate of the prestigous Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has been treating patients for over 35 years in Allentown, PA.

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